Mediocre Rockstar (EP)

by Neon Valley KVlt

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There are no countries, transnational corporations rule the world. Music is the only light in the dark.
The year is 2196...
Your rebellious but delicate spirit is looking for some special music in this world of corporate interests, consumerism and imposed will... Something that's easy on the ear but punchy and dynamic. Something sweet, but sharp. Something with guitars and female vocals, of course. Good for you, because Neon Valley KVlt is just what you need!
Mediocre Rockstar EP is an awesometacular combination of modern pop-rock and synthwave/retro sound.
Hit play and enjoy!


released November 9, 2015

lyrics & music by Neon Valley KVlt



all rights reserved


Neon Valley KVlt Moscow, Russia

Easy on the ear but punchy and dynamic. Sweet, but sharp. With guitars, female vocals and 80's magic flavor of course. If that's what you're looking for - Neon Valley KVlt is just what you need!

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Track Name: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider


The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again

"Fuck you!" - by Tim Roth, "Reservoir dogs"
Track Name: Mediocre Rockstar
Medicore Rockstar

Verse 1

Before you drown into real life
Before you try to realize
Get rid of false ambitions
If you are a musician


Daddy told you "please dont go on"
Despite low skill you think you're pro

Verse 2

And you are going on this hype train
Producing crap, oh, again and again
Not feeling damnation
Just craving admiration



Imitate your favorite band's song
Racking up sound of your guitar, bro
You think you'll be the rockstar
And will be printed on posters

You can't stand any advice
So be dead sure that your tune is nice
But fucking expectations
You still dont have spectators


You're a travesty
And have no drive
Your melody
Is full of faults
Here is your rock
Guitar and drugs
Go on and read the tabs
Track Name: The Doors
The Doors

Verse 1

You're afraid of superstitions
Feel the lack of intuition
I will show a-all your scores
I will close a-all your doors


Close your eyes
Break the doors
I won't lie
It's all yours
It's all I want to amend
it's not the end

Verse 2

Tearing apart imagination
To oppose this situation
I will show a-all your roles
I will burn a-all your toys


Going through your life
You think that there's no scence
But every choise you make
Has a concequence
Track Name: One More Time
One More Time

Verse 1

I shot
Your core
No rules
No score
Your fate
Lies in the darkness
Your system is mad
Only questions ahead
Never look back, move forward


You'll never be close to me
Shade is all what you see
Now i can leave you alone


When the situation goes wrong
You just loose control without hope
You won't take a chance
It's what i can't accept
When the situation goes wrong

Verse 2

You failed
The game
You start
They say
That this is madness
But you think you'll be fine
So let's play one more time
Never look back, move forward
Track Name: Smart Technology
Smart Technology


Hello? x2



Awesome Oh
M-E Awesome

Verse 1

Do I know You? x2
Oh, oh! Hello!
Do I know you?
Have we met before?


This dream starts to cramble
It intends to fall
And now there's nothing left
It's time to let it go

Verse 2

Do I know You? x2
Can't remember
What I used to know